How to get GTA IV product key?

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GTA IV keygen


Follow STEPS:

0. If  you don't have GTA IV download and install the game from:

1. Download the patch from: and extract it.

2. Go to the folder "title_update_7_EN" and install updates. To install updates open the file UpdateTitle (name may be UpdateTitle.exe).

3. Go to folder craker and install cracker to your game directory (in the video tutorial "Your game installiation folder"). Egzample C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\

4. Go to your game directory ( egzample C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV\) and delete the file xlive.dll  or make sure that there is no xlive.dll in your game directory.

5. Go to folder "RGSC" and install "Rockstar games social club"

6. SING UP TO 3 WEBSITES (you must use the SAME E-MAIL address AND PASSWORD to sing up each of them):
- don't forget to open email comfirmation link.
to register press "Join now" . Select free account by pressing "Go free".

7. Go to folder "keygen GFWL by alexis221515"

8. Click right mouse button on file "xox.reg" >>>> then click "Merge" >>>> and then click "Yes"

9. Open "keygen GFWL by alexis221515" >>>> press "Generar serial" button >>>> Rewrite the serial somewhere

10. Go to back to your downloaded patch. Open the folder gfwlivesetup and install gfwlivesetup .

11. Now open "Rockstar games social club" program (from step 5) and sing in to that program (email and password from step 6 -

Update 2012-07-28. Rockstar's game social club server is down. I don't how much time that server will be down. If this server is down, You won't be able to login
"Rockstar games social club" program. Just skip futher steps and proceed to step 18. I mean install gta iv multiplayer mod (IV:MP) and play online.

12. Press "Play" button

13. When it opens main game menu. Press "Live" button (or you can press "Home" button at your keyboard)


a) If you are newbie at GTA IV (you have no "offline windows live" account)
press the button "Use Existing Windows Live Profile".

b) If you are old GTA IV user (and you already have "offline Games for Windows live" account). Just logout and press: "Create new profile" >>>> "Sign in" >>>> "Sign in with another account"

15. Login with your windows live profile. It will request serial key. Copy serial key from

"keygen GFWL by alexis221515" (from step 7)

16. Congradulations. Now you have "legal" gta4.

17. To play online start GTA IV game. In the GTA IV pick up mobile phone. Click Multiplayer>>Player Match>>Live>>Custom Mach>>Yes. Then choose server and and play.

18. (Optional) If you have this error: You have been disconected because your compiuter is running too slowly don't worry. Just open folder 'IVMP (multplayer mod)' in patch that you have dowloaded in step 1. Then Click on multiplayer mod setup and install it. See video tutorial below. 
P.S. Check out for neweset IV-MP version in official website:


This keygen works with all Games For Windows Live games. So it works with GTA EFLC too! The steps are same, but you have to use different crack and updates. More information about using Games For Windows Live keygen is below.

Games For windows Live keygen

That is all about GTA IV keygen. I want to talk about Games For Windows Live (GFWL) key generator. This keygen will allow you  to use multiplayer functions.Keygen dowload link is below.

This keygen works with these games from the list:

 -Batman : Arkham Asilum
-Battlestations : Pacific

-Bioshock 2

-Blaz Blue

-Fallout 3

-Fallout New vegas

-Flatout : Ultimate Carnage


-Gears of War

-Grand theft auto IV
-Grand theft auto IV : Episodes from liberty city

-Halo 2
-Hour of victory

-Juiced 2 : Hot imports Night
-Kane and Linch : Dead Men
-Legend of the galactic heroes
-Lost Planet : Extreme condition colonies edition

-Quantum of Solace: The Video Game

-Resident evil 5
-Red faction : Guerrilla


-Street fighter IV

-The club

-Universe at war : earth assault

-Viva pińata

-Warhammmer 40,000 : Dawn of war II

Download keygen from here (keygen GFWL by alexis221515)

 Games For Windows Live (GFWL) setup (install this program if you don't have) 

Text tutolial:
Before using keygen you have to install game updates (if game has updates) and use particular game crack to run the game. 
You must import xox.reg file to you registry. To do this just open xox.reg file and click "Ok" then click "Ok". If don't import xox.reg keygen won't work.
Now open the keygen (file keygen GFWL by alexis221515) and generate the product key. Entering product-key is the same as in GTA IV keygen tutorial (see it from step 6). You can follow the Spanish video tutorial or pictures below.

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